Video Updates

I will be doing my best to get some videos put up on my site so people can see a little bit of what I do.  Please bear in mind that some of these videos may  contain animals being shot.  I will try to not post anything that is too graphic but, I am a hunter and hunting involves some graphic things at times.  Thanks for checking them out, and feel free to let me know what you think.

Chautauqua Hunting Opportunities

2016 Hit List

​2016 Spring Turkey Hunt

Chautauqua County offers some fantastic hunting and fishing opportunities.  Here is a small sample of what we have available in this area.
​​​​Some of the deer that I had on my hit list last year.  I wasn't able to find any of them so hopefully they are still around for this coming season.

​​Small sample video that my oldest daughter took when we were out turkey hunting last spring.