I do not want to cause any confusion to anyone that may come across my site in searches.  I am not a guide in any manner, I do not guide for hunting or fishing trips.  This site is simply my avenue for expressing my thoughts, and actions in the outdoors.  I will post articles that I have written or some that I may share on occassion that relate to the outdoors, hunting or fishing.  I know of some good guide services in the Western NY area, and can put people in contact with them but I do not personally do any type of guiding and do not have any type of guide license.  Thank you and I hope you enjoy the content that I put on here.

Fishing Info


I enjoy freshwater fishing, especially fly fishing.  There is something awesome about a nice trout hitting a fly, especially a dry fly.  While I enjoy fishing many places in NY state, I personally feel that PA does a much better job with stocking trout (sizes and quantities).  I also enjoy doing some ice fishing on different lakes in PA with my brother-in-law.
If you've never heard that thunder of a gobbling turkey in the spring, you've missed something special.  Cool, crisp mornings in the woods followed by the sounds of animals waking up around you and then you hear it somewhere in the distance.  Trust me, it gives you goose bumps.  When you hear that thunder coming closer to your setup and calling you know it's game time.

Deer hunting is another great experience no matter what your instrument of choice is.  Gun, bow, crossbow it doesn't matter.  Being out there in nature and watching these majestic creatures walk through the woods is fantastic!  When you are lucky enough to harvest one, show the respect that they deserve and then savor every moment of it.
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